Follow Up Maintenance - Silver Plan
Once you have been noticed by a prospective customer and have captured their email, you need to follow up to maintain and strengthen your relationship. The money is not just in the list, but in the relationship you build with your list. Emails going out to your list of prospects maintains your contact with them as you build their trust and confidence. Our “Silver Plan” helps you send the same Email to each person on your list and when they recieve it, it will appear like you sent it just to them. The time each Email goes out can be programed ahead of time. Our team can compose pre-written emails that are pre-set to be released at certain days and times. Our “Silver Plan” includes service only in text.

 Follow Up Maintenance - Silver Plan

A-Auto-Responder Set Up-FUM190
B-Per Email-FUM191
C-4 Emails-FUM192
D-8 Emails-FUM193
E-12 Emails-FUM194

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