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In order to view the details and prices of the St. Paul Marketing Team's Services you must be a client. If you have any questions on how to take advantage of online marketing contact us today, St. Paul Marketing Team 651-731-0768 or email us if you have any questions. 

What Is This?

Want to prevent sinking back down after you reach the top? To maintain your ranking, monthly maintenance is needed. At the St. Paul Marketing Team we understand that getting high rankings on all major search engines and keeping your business up there is extremely time consuming. If it is done without the proper knowledge, it can also ruin your entire business. The Internet is like the stock market as it changes constantly. Without constant input, your ranking will sink.

Just do what you do best - run your business! We can take care of rest for you so new customers and clients can continue to find you, not your competitors. It isn't just a matter of just submitting time consuming articles, press releases, blogs, link building, directory profiles, maps, backlinks and other off page SEO. In order to achieve high rankings and keep it up, over 200 SEO rules must be followed. There are no short cuts! Businesses that try to cheat with quick magic black hat SEO or spam-dexing techniques (link farms, keyword stuffing and article spinning) get in such trouble with Google (slap) that they lose their entire business. No problem! We can take care of doing it correctly while we make sure tags, title, links, ranking, keywords, images and other off-page SEO are going as planned.

Once you have been noticed by a prospective customer and have captured their Email, you need to follow-up to maintain and strengthen your relationship. The money is not just in the list, but in the relationships you build. By having Emails going out to your list of prospects, you maintain your relationship with them as you build their trust and confidence. Our auto-responder lets you send the same Email to each person on your list and when they receive it, it will appear like you sent it personally just to them. The time each Email goes out can be programmed ahead of time.

What Does It Do?

• REPUTATION: Improves customer satisfaction with time and experience on your site.

• SEO: Increases your search engine rankings by keeping it active.

• CURRENT: Keeps your content fresh so customers have a reason to revisit your site.

• RAPPORT: Allows you to have better customer service.

• AUTHORITY: Keeps your customers continually wanting to listen and learn from your guidance.

• NAVIGATION: Allows your customers to navigate your site with more ease.

• RELATIONSHIPS: Builds a personalized relationship with the prospects on your list.

• 24/7/365: Ready for you to communicate with your list 24/7/365.

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