Interactive Branding Email

Interactive branding emails let you stand-out from the competition every time you send an email. Let the St. Paul Marketing Team drive traffic to your website while increasing your brand exposure with unique emails. Customizable buttons can be linked to any online link you have. Email tracking lets you know if you emails are opened or passed on. It includes up to 6 weblinks, unlimited tracking, support changes, and dashboard.

Hosting is included in the first year. Starting with the first year anniversary of having an interactive branding email, you need to renew your hosting.

• Increase traffic to you website as a result of the embedded web links.

• Provides "Email Tracking," a feature that tells me if my emails actually "Get opened and read".

• Get noticed and read more often by prospects and customers with their enhanced, professional look.

Below are examples of interactive branding email headers:

 Interactive Branding Email header 1

 Interactive Branding Email header 2

 Interactive Branding Email header 3

 Interactive Branding Email header 4

Click here to get started and get an email letterhead like this.

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